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COACH works to serve the citizens of Alabama and the region by becoming a recognized leader in advocacy, research, education, and outreach by improving the health and well-being of those impacted by opioids and substance use disorders. Consistent with Auburn’s mission as a land grant institution, researchers affiliated with the center continue to work with Alabama agencies as well as those at the Federal level to investigate novel approaches for our citizens.

A Word from the Director

COACH is a dynamic research, education, and outreach center representing Auburn University faculty, students, and staff working on issues related to the opioid epidemic, substance use disorder, and ways to improve prescribing in our community. The Center was created in 2019 to bring resources together from around the University, the state, and the region to address a crisis for our citizens.  At its core, COACH is collaborative including partnerships with state and federal entities. The opioid/substance use disorder epidemic will require multilayered solutions. I invite you to explore our website including our continuing education offerings as well as upcoming events.


Karen F Marlowe

Karen F Marlowe, Pharm D, BCPS, CPE
Associate Dean of Academic Programs
Professor Pharmacy Practice
James T and Anne Klein Davis Endowed Professor
Director of the Center for Opioid Research, Education, and Outreach
Harrison College of Pharmacy, Auburn University

K. Marlowe


R. Delaney

Operations Manager

B. Fox
H. Phillippe
K. Marlowe

Substance Use and
Misuse Institute

L. Hohmann


C. Jackson

Content Expert

R. Clark
J. DeRuiter

Forensic Chemistry
Research Core

M. Reed

Research Core

T. Moore

Drugs of Abuse Research Group

J. Folmar
K. Williams

Research Division

Renee' Delaney

Operations Manager

Brent Fox

Substance Use and Misuse Institute

Haley Phillippe

Substance Use and Misuse Institute

Lindsey Hohmann

Implementation Science Expert

Cherry Jackson

Content Expert

Randall Clark

Forensic Chemistry Research Core

Jack DeRuiter

Forensic Chemistry Research Core

Miranda Reed

Neuroscience Research Core

Tim Moore

Drugs of Abuse Research Group

John Folmar

Research Division Associate

Kaleia Williams

Research Division Associate